Everybody knows Ugg boots can be worn with just about everything. But what do you think about wearing them with pajamas?

Here Jamie Lynn Spears and her mom, Lynne arrive at the airport to do a little holiday traveling. The mommy-to-be Jamie Lynn is wearing a hooded sweatshirt, pajama shorts and lovely pink Ugg Boots.

Jamie Lynn Spears

I’m not saying that she should get dressed up just to get on a plane, but she could have done better than this.

Speaking of the Spears family, I hope you didn’t miss Britney’s antics this weekend.

Bra-less Britney, wearing a red top, jeans and brown boots, began her evening by stopping her car and trying to take a photo of a roadside mural. When the paparazzi were in her way, Britney went into a tirade, cursing out the photographers and smashing her own camera.

After leaving the scene, she had to return because she had dropped her memory card. That’s when things got crazy. Britney leaves in a car with one of the photogs and reportedly raced through the streets at 120MPH.

Later that night, she donned her famous pink wig, an ugly leopard mini-dress and a pair of pumps as she headed to the Peninsula Hotel with the photographer.

Catch the video of all of Britney’s antics:

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