Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has some talent, she can sing and she is incredibly charming. But she’s definitely lacking talent in the dressing department and has taken  more than a little flack for it in the past (some of that flack is from me) so you’d think that someone with her money, her fame and her body issues might want to consider hiring a professional stylist to redo her look.

In the above photo Jessica Simpson has done everything wrong and created a look that emphasizes her width and weight. Somehow she even found a pair of boots that make her look wider.

First with the boots. She made a wise choice by selecting knee high boots rather than the trendy over the knee boot but a bootie would have been a better choice in lengthening her leg. And the suede top on her boots actually creates a wider appearance when paired with the shiny leather on the bottom.

The skirt she’s wearing is wrong on a few different levels as well. First of all the faux ruffles are really only for younger girls who have stick thin model figures. Unfortunately, even though this skirt is cute the horizontal details make Jessica Simpson seem wider through the hips. And secondly, the black and white plaid jacket is also cute but the short jacket makes the body seem shorter and this gives her a sense of width rather than a slimming sense of height.

While we appreciate Jessica Simpson’s lack of over the top makeup and her support of her sister’s Broadway attempts a stylist would still go a long way toward creating a better look for this singing star.

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