Joss Stone in New York City

Singer and sometimes actress Joss Stone always has a unique flair about her and this time is no different. Here in New York City yesterday, Joss sports a casual yet fun look with her red pants.

I’m going to ignore the fact it looks like she has a joint in her hand and just talk about her look. Though many people couldn’t pull off a pair of red pants, she wears them well, coupled with a cropped jean jacket over a fitted black top.

The only thing I’m really not loving about this outfit is the boots. These high-heel pointy toe boots look a little out of place with the rest of her choices. Maybe a more casual shoe would have worked better. Overall, she looks adorable though.

Her hair color and style changes by the minute. I actually prefer her hair long, curly and red but not too red. But in recent years, she has been everything from blonde to dark brunette, so I’m sure her latest look won’t last for long.

Joss, who is normally barefoot when performing on stage, is extremely talented and isn’t afraid of embracing her own individuality, whether in her music, her hair or her fashion choices. You gotta love a girl with her confidence and talent.

Now if she can just change her boots, all will be well.

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