I have never been a fan of Juliette Lewis’ (lack of) fashion sense and here’s another example why.

Last night, the Prada store in Beverly Hills was the site of a screening party for James Lima’s animated short “Trembled Blossoms.” I’m all for mixing textures, fabrics and colors, but umm… not like this.

Juliette Lewis

Toss the fish net stockings out the window to start. I would have loved to have seen this hot pink dress with something more reasonable. Skip the grey jacket and beret, then instead wear it with a pair of hot pink strappy sandals instead of these short white boots. I don’t hate the booties, I just hate them like this.

These type of booties are actually going to be trendy throughout 2008. I’m just not sure anyone wants to see them with black stockings. I applaud Juliette for always trying to be fun and different, but everything about her outfit is just wrong.


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