Kate Hudson as Yeti

Kate Hudson as Yeti

The reports of a yeti sighting in Aspen, Colorado were largely exaggerated as it was only Kate Hudson wearing a matching mismatched winter outfit. She gets points for finding matching fur tones for her coat and boots, but that’s about it.

Kate Hudson’s fur coat may fit in a different circumstance but here the shortened sleeves look ill fitting and the one button across the bust line makes the top of the coat appear too tight.

Perhaps with different boots the fur coat would have looked cute, say a pair of sleek fitting stilettos but her way oversized fur boots dwarf the jacket with their crazy enormous size.

But again, the boots look exceptionally warm and do seem practical for some last minute shopping in Aspen, Colorado. So the real problem with the outfit is the combination of items. And the combination isn’t strictly limited to the fur coat and the boots what about the exotic animal skin handbag, the stacked oversized bracelets, the dangly earrings, and the gold aviator sunglasses all add to the outfit confusion. And then as just a little cherry on this cake of clothing confusion, she adds a pair of distressed jeans with holes in the thighs.

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