Keri Russell and Ricki Lake in NYCHere Keri Russell and executive producer Ricki Lake laugh it up at their arrival at the New York Premiere of “The Business of Being Born” last week.

While the girls looking like they are having a great time, I was surprised that Keri was so casual, as Ricki was so dolled up.

Keri is a beautiful woman but at least could have put on some makeup and a dress for the event. At least she was wearing a cute pair of criss-cross strappy sandals. Though her casual outfit would have fared better with some black booties.

Ricki looks very adorable though. Her black patent peep-toe pumps coordinate nicely with her black dress. And I really loved the big gold earrings.

The dress could have been a little more fitted for more taste, but at least she bothered to get dressed up! I’ll give Keri the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she decided to drop by at the last minute just to offer her friend Ricki some support at the premiere and didn’t have time to get prettied up.

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