Violet Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Violet Affleck and Jennifer Garner

There is a certain significance to shoes, whether they’re for adults or kids. Shoes say a lot about who you are and what is important to you. Today’s kids are very aware of that fact and having trendy is important.

Shoe trends for kids for 2010 are not surprising by any stretch of the imagination, they like the same things they’ve always liked, a good pair of athletic shoes, a comfy pair of boys’ sandals and a outrageously cute pair of girls’ sandals.

But this year there are some new trends to choose from and as is unfortunately the norm, kids are looking to be like adults and want shoes like the adults wear (they just grow up too fast). So one practical summer shoe that’s become a hot topic among adults and is sure to be just as desirable in the younger set is the fisherman’s sandal for kids. These cool, comfortable, solidly made and sometimes cute shoes are great to active adults and kids in the summer as they’re airy and light and still have grippy soles. But they do leave weird suntans so don’t forget the sunscreen.

In another nod to adult style, the girls’ gladiator sandal is catching on like wildfire. Some of these are nothing more than a strappy sandal, but others are very gladiator like in appearance. And the good thing as far as a lot of parents are concerned, the heels are very low on girls’ gladiator sandals.

And, I hate to admit it but I know you parents and kids love them, Crocs are still everywhere and although they’ve changed a little in style, if your child’s Crocs still fit they’ll be just fine for 2010.

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