Kim KardashianBig news – Kim Kardashian puts change in parking meter. 🙂 Though I’m surprised she’s not using a valet, it’s commendable that she’s actually paying attention to the parking signs.

However, I have to comment on the outfit. The oversized bag trend is getting ridiculous. Unless you are shoplifting, you probably don’t ever need that big of handbag. Instead, she should have chosen a more reasonably sized black patent hobo bag. Her metallic gold wallet is a nice touch though.

As for the rest of her ensemble. Let’s start with her extensions. She’s got the money for the best stylists in the world. Why does she have to look like her hair was done at Walmart?

The concept of the rest of the outfit is very cute. Black and white is very trendy these days. The white button down shirt and pencil skirt are classic. (Though the buttons are about to pop on that shirt.)

The best thing about her look are the black peep-toe pumps. A few pair of peep-toes should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

Photo credit: TMZ

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