We are so used to seeing Kim Kardashian in skin-tight dresses that it’s shocking to see her in anything else. This week, as she was exiting from “It’s On with Alexa Chung Show” at MTV Studios in New York, Kim was spotted where horrible harem pants. And though harem pants are one of the hottest trends of the season, Kim Kardashian proves here why you have to keep your body type in mind while shopping. Harem pants, parachute pants, Hammer pants or whatever you want to call them are certainly not flattering to her figure.

Kim KardashianHere silky top with the cut out shoulders could have been cute enough, but things went all wrong from the waist down. Girls with big curves aren’t doing themselves any favors with pants that make their hips and thighs look three times larger than they actually are. She would have looked much better in a pair of slim cigarette pants or pretty much any pants except for these. Maybe Kim is just upset at her breakup from Reggie Bush and didn’t care what she was wearing.

She finishes off her outfit with high heel cage sandals. These types of sandals have been very trendy this summer and caged booties will continue to be hot well into the fall.

Photo by PR Photos

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