One of the best parts of Christmas vacation is spending time locked in your cozy home wearing pajamas and comfy slippers while you watch holiday movies and eat Christmas treats.

So why not get a pair of slippers for everyone on your Christmas list? Men’s slippers are pretty easy to navigate, the older the guy is the more likely he is to get cold ankles, so judge the height of the slipper accordingly. Getting slippers with a grippy sole is also typically a good idea too.

For children the grippy sole is almost essential to prevent extra tumbles and spills for already klutzy bodies. Little girl’s slippers should reflect the personality with sporty slippers for athletic gals and princess pink slippers for the diva in the family. Little boy’s slippers are much the same but there is usually less selection, although there is almost always a character slipper that the real little ones will love.

Women’s slippers probably offer the biggest selection, from sporty and practical to luxurious and sexy. And there’s no law that says a woman can only have one pair of slippers, so go crazy and get her a pair for every occasion.

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