Lindsay Lohan went shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday wearing a big Fedora and oversized sunglasses. I have always thought if the celebs really didn’t want to be recognized, they would skip the hats and glasses. Just don’t wear makeup and put your hair in a ponytail – chances are no one will recognize you. The disguises are what draws attention to them … but I guess that’s what they want anyway.

Lindsay Lohan

I’m not really a fan of anything that Lindsay is wearing in this picture. The black faded skinny jeans and simple ballet flats just aren’t flattering at all (well neither is the men’s blazer).

For a cute casual look, a pair of capri pants or blue jeans and an embellished thong sandal or bright flat are ideal. And a simple sweater or colorful top is better than this ensemble.

Oh well, no one is perfect. Since she was shopping, maybe she was buying some new clothes. 🙂

Lindsay Lohan is in the news today because her former bodyguard David Kim is suing her for more than $50,000. Kim claims that he was hired for $4,000 a week.

This is the second time the Lohan family has had trouble with hired help recently. Two weeks ago, Lindsay’s mom and manager was ordered to pay $300,000 to another former bodyguard who had lent money to help get Lindsay’s music career started.

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