walks in the street in Capri Island on December 28, 2007 in Capri, Italy. As Lindsay Lohan shops in Capri, Italy, she looks comfortable and chic. Lindsay dresses in all black from her big sunglasses to her leather boots. All black is a good look if you mix it up with different colored accessories. Lindsay does that will her oversized bag but she could use a little more color. I’m still not sure why these huge bags are popular – what’s in the there? Your laptop? Lunch?

Outside of your cell phone, credit card and a maybe a lipstick to glam up, what do you need while you’re shopping? I just don’t get it. To me, a clutch or a small hobo bag is big enough.

Anyway, back to Lindsay. She’s in the news this week again regarding her accident in 2005, when she drove her Benz into a van and injured its driver, Raymund Ortega. Lindsay is being sued for negligence by Ortega, a busboy, who stays that he saw Lindsay (who was underage back then) have a few drinks at the popular Ivy restaurant prior to the crash. Lindsay denies that she was drinking.

“I did not consume an alcoholic beverage or any type of medication or drug” before or during a stop at the Ivy, Lohan states in court papers filed last week.

Ortega is seeking $200,000 in damages. Lindsay is actually counter-suing Ortega, stating he was at fault because he made an illegal U-Turn.

We’ll see, how this one goes. They’ll probably settle out of court.

In the meantime back in Italy, maybe Lindsay can pick up a smaller bag and a pair of colorful boots to add a little pizazz to her shopping outfit.

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