The trend started last year but will probably pick up steam this season. The trend is open toe boots. Initially I loved them, until I tried them on and realized they look pretty silly and somehow reminded me of the dreaded sock with sandals trend that has thankfully gone the way of the dinosaur.

Lindsay Lohan Open Toe Boots

Lindsay Lohan Open Toe Boots

Lindsay Lohan is sporting a really unusual version of the open toe boot it’s a gladiator style boot with lots of intricate lacing and cut out throughout the boot. This actually makes the open toe boot style look a little bit better and make more sense. Michael Michael Kors does a great cut out open toe bootie, the Jamesport Bootie which looks like its supposed to have an open toe with all the cut outs.

On the opposite end of the spectrum the solid boot with just a cut out toe, like the Dollhouse Women’s Tanisha these don’t look to bad alone but on your foot they look silly.

This fashion trend will probably rise in popularity this fall but as the winter hits at least half of the United States won’t be so interested in open toed boots as they’ll not only look impractical, but they’ll feel pretty uncomfortable as well.

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