Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu appeared on the Late Show With David Letterman yesterday to promote Cashmere Mafia – her new show on ABC.

Lucy stars as one of four sexy, ambitious women who are trying have it all in a man’s world. The show focuses around their relationships with each other as well as the men in their lives. Four sexy women with fabulous clothes in New York City. Sound familiar?

Here, Lucy makes a bold statement in her hot pink Alexander McQueen silk dress, opera-length black leather gloves and pointy pumps. I love that she belts the dress and wears the big circle earrings for a little extra pizazz. She really knows how to accessorize.

When she arrived she was wearing a quilted white coat and carrying a gold oversized bag. She wears the contrasting colors well without the ensemble looking too wild.

Photo credit: Lucy Liu Fan

Lucy Liu

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