Lucy Liu

Here Lucy Liu attends the opening party of a new Yves Saint Laurent store in Paris. Though I like Lucy, this dress isn’t attractive at all. The length of the skirt is all wrong for her. She needs something shorter to lengthen her legs. Here they look stubby because the dress hit her leg mid-calf.

The skirt is also too bubbly. It makes her shoulders look narrow and her body disproportioned. Lucy looks much better when she wears a more fitted style. Also, all black makes her look extremely pale – maybe it’s just the lighting. I’m not even going to mention the BIG cinched belt – UGH! Overall this dress gets a big thumbs down.

Let’s look for some redeeming qualities in Lucy’s outfit … her jewelry and her shoes are great choices. She also carries a small black and gold clutch in her hand that is probably adorable (if we could see it up close).

Her patent leather T-strap sandals are terrific. The crisscross styling is very popular right now and we’ll see it in many sandals for Spring, whether they are patent, linen or anything in between. The thing I like most about Lucie’s look is her bracelet! The woven gold cuff is just perfect for her. She could wear it with anything from an evening dress to jeans and it would look chic.

Oh well, better luck next time with the dress, Lucy!

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