Men's Sandals

Men's Sandals

I don’t know what it is but some men look weird in all sandals, some sandals look weird on all men. So how does a man know what to wear when the summer rolls around?

If you’re a man looking to put his right foot forward in summer shoes, sandals in particular, then the first step is knowing what the current trends in men’s shoes are.

For the summer of 2010 men’s sandals aren’t taking any huge risks but there are some newer looks that most men can wear successfully. One of those trends is the fisherman’s sandal. Fisherman’s sandals typically have a sturdy and rugged sole which makes them great for all sorts of terrains. The fisherman’s sandal also typically features a more substantial upper, although this isn’t always the case. The fisherman’s sandals with the substantial uppers are easy to cater to your normal shoe style, they come looking like athletic shoes, casual shoes and even dress loafers.

Another sandal trend that’s been around for ages and isn’t going anywhere is the flip flop. The flip flop and the thong can work for most men, but the look has to remain casual and you can’t have any sock tan lines, you might also want to trim up the toe hair a little bit.

One shoe trend that is crossing genders and ages is the vegetarian shoes. Vegetarian sandals for men encompass a few different styles but still sort of have this earthy look that only works on hippy naturalist types. Eventually I’m sure this will change but for now they’re playing to their market.

So if you’re looking for the right men’s sandal for you for the summer of 2010, stick to your regular style without going too far out on a limb and if you have any doubts, ask a woman to help you pick out your shoes. And most importantly, if you’re going to try to wear sandals, don’t forget to tan your feet!

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