Paul Becker

Paul Becker

The women’s shoe department during the winter 2009/2010 season is looking a little like the men’s department as women’s menswear oxford shoes gain popularity. So what does the men’s shoe department look like?

The winter 2009/2010 shoe trends for men are a bit more subtle than the women’s shoe trends but there is something going on there. The toes are one key area of focus for men’s shoes. A narrowed toe rather than a boxy toe is leading the way and these narrowed toes come in basically two trendy styles, the apron toe and the bicycle toe.

The apron toe has the stitching that runs across the top sides of the shoe coming together in the front of the toe box to form almost an apron look as it follows around the entire shoe. The bicycle toe takes those two seams and runs them straight down the front of the shoe to the sole. An apron toe style can make large feet seem smaller and the bicycle toe does just the opposite.

Look for both the apron toe and the bicycle toe with modern shaping that is not bulbous or bulky but sleek and sexy.

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