Miley Cyrus attended the Hannah Montana: The Movie photocall in Madrid on Tuesday. Miley is cute girl, however, I don’t really love this outfit on her. Ignoring her bad hair (or bad hair extensions), let’s go straight to her accessories.

Miley obviously loves her jewelry, but sometimes it’s too much. If you are going to wear a stack of bangles on each arm, don’t add layers of necklaces too. Too much jewelry takes you from trendy to just gaudy.

Miley Cyrus

Then, we have the skirt. Though this is a typical Miley Cyrus-Hannah Montana look, the high-waisted, tiered skirt is short enough that it almost resembles a tutu. Something a little more form fitting (or longer) would look much better. Her almond toe pumps are nice, albeit simple choice. They don’t really match the rest of the look.

Though Miley is still just a teenager herself, many teens and tweens look up to her and mimic her style. I’d love to see her in some more chic dresses instead of her teeny-bopper ensembles as she approaches adulthood. I’ll give it to her that her gowns at the latest awards shows and other major events have been very pretty selections for the most part.

Photo by PR Photos

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  1. natalie on Wednesday 22, 2009

    love it 🙂
    love her 🙂
    she rocks 🙂
    get off her back 🙂

  2. tanny on Wednesday 22, 2009

    I dont really like her dress..she could do something more with vibrant colours…

  3. Deonna Kupchinsky on Wednesday 22, 2009

    I can’t see why the critics don’t like miley’s latest song – I think it is terrific.

  4. Jeannie Labarbera on Wednesday 22, 2009

    Seems like Miley has ruffled some feathers with her new video. I do think it is good – go for it!

  5. my name? on Wednesday 22, 2009

    sounds like lots of these losers are jealous of miley