One of the newest trends in shoes is what is being called the modern vintage look. What does this mean, actually it just means that what is old will become new again, with just a little alteration. So unless something is really novel and cutting edge everything is modern vintage. But when it specifically relates to shoes we’re seeing a twist on very old styles that feel almost medieval rather than vintage.

Kate Moss Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots are the biggest rage in modern vintage with a look that hasn’t been popular en masse for quite a long time. In addition to the over the knee boots, you’ll see more flat soled boots hitting the streets, reminiscent of a time when towering heels were impractical in daily life.

These modern vintage boots have a very countryside feeling to them, more like something an equestrian or maiden would wear in the course of their daily activities. But with modern vintage you can cover just about any era and be on track. I expect the more laced up (literally) Victorian styles will be favored by Hollywood starlets as they opt for a city versus a country look. Expect high lace up boots to start gaining momentum and pushing the modern vintage look a little bit further.

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