Kate Moss in Flats

So today I went shoe shopping and noticed that the flat soled boots seem to have really taken over. Now, if you’re a regular reader you know that I’m all for the heel, the higher the better. But it appears as though I’m the minority as the flat soled boots far outnumbered the high heeled boots.

So I decided to check out the shoes to see if pumps have lost favor as well. Since it’s not the season for shoes in the upper Midwest I didn’t find a lot of new styles except for party shoes and party shoes always have a considerable heel. But I did notice a lot of dress flats in the store and even more of the new trendy sneakers than ever before.

So from where I was shopping I think the flat soled shoes will continue their popularity and gain momentum, like a sled down a hill, all the way through 2010. I guess I’ll have to either suck it up and deal with my 5’4” stature (and you’ know I’m rounding up there) and buy some flats or I’ll just be out of style and continue to totter around on my beloved heels.

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