Vanessa Hudgens in Cowboy Boots.

Vanessa Hudgens in Cowboy Boots

As 2009 is winding down there seems to be a bit of a trend in the shoe world, boots are getting tough this season. Vanessa Hudgens is sporting one of the looks above as she pairs cowboy boots with shorts, a look that normally doesn’t work but for some reason this season it does. But don’t despair if you think that western boots and shorts aren’t your style, this season cowboy boots go with everything.

The other tough boot style that is gaining in popularity is the motorcycle boot. These no nonsense boots are not necessarily something you’ll want to combine with shorts or a skirt but who knows, that could be the next trend. The best way to wear your motorcycle boots this season is hidden under a pair of boot cut jeans or with a  pair of skinny jeans tucked inside.

Having a pair of motorcycle boots and cowboy boots may be overkill so don’t worry about adding both to your closet. The motorcycle boot is more cutting edge this season than the cowboy boot, but the western style cowboy boot is more timeless, that is unless you have a motorcycle. So choose wisely and wear them with a tough attitude. Oh, and with winter ice and snow just around the corner there is a myriad of stylish yet functional winter women’s boots available this season.

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