I’ve added a new category to my must have shoes for the season, slippers. I don’t know why I never considered them an essential part of my shoe wardrobe before but I think they’re key now.

I believe in the past slippers maybe weren’t as comfortable, weren’t as warm and I don’t know that there were practical indoor, outdoor slippers in the past.

As weird as it sounds, I also think socks used to be made stronger and were warmer so you didn’t need slippers as much. Or maybe it’s just age and my extremities are getting cold.

So my favorite slippers are super soft and fuzzy, like the Shepherd Women’s Shearling Tall Slippers by Wassberg. The shearling wool is such a practical warmer with breathability and moisture resistance and I love that these reach up over the ankle. The only problem is they don’t have a sole that’s really great for running out to get the mail or walk the dog in the snow. For a good indoor/outdoor slipper I opt for the Shepherd Women’s Chalet Booties. In fact, these slippers are good looking enough that you can run errands in them and not feel as though you’re dressed inappropriately.

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