One of Those Olson Twins in Gladiators

One of Those Olson Twins in Gladiators

The shoe styles for Spring 2010 have been set for a while and they’re finally hitting the shelves. It’s pretty evident that there are a few pairs of shoes you must have to fit in with the popular crowd this spring, the good news is that if you have a pair from last year you can probably make do with those.

Strappy Sandals

Oh how we love our strappy sandals. They’ve been around forever but never quite as strappy as this. The more straps the better so load up on them and wear your strappy sandals as much as possible. There is some good news here too, the strappy sandal trend started a couple years ago and gladiators count so if you have ‘em, wear ‘em.

Go Wild

There are two trends coming our way for Spring 2010 that are a little wild, Exotics and Safari Chic. Both the Exotic and Safari Chic have a lot of animal inspiration with the Exotics relying more heavily on crocodile and snakeskin uppers and the Safari Chic getting more inspiration from the patterns. Some budget friendly news here too, if you decide to get a pair in one of these trendy styles then you don’t really have to get one in the other style, but you’ll probably want to.

Pale Neutrals/Nudes

Not nearly as exciting as the Go Wild trends, but pale neutrals and nudes are practical and they can actually make you look thinner and taller. The visual extension of leg into shoe without an obvious delineation is quite the magical optical illusion and who doesn’t want a pair of shoes that make you look thinner. And more good news, spend a decent amount to get a quality pair because these shoes will become a go-to neutral that you’ll pull out almost as much as you used to pull out those black pumps.

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