Wall of Shoes

Wall of Shoes

I know who cares what I want for Christmas? Well, on the off chance someone does and wants to play Santa Claus for me I thought I’d toss out my favorite shoes and boots for the 2009/2010 season and see if I get lucky. 

So what do I want this Christmas? First of all, I want – no I actually need, the Dollhouse Women’s Blaise shoe in tan. They fit a couple of shoe trends that I’m willing to follow, they’re shoe boots, or shooties or booties which is a huge trend right now. The 4.5 inch heel is crazy high which is perfect for this season as well, and the metal stud embellishments and wrap around straps are very motorcycle boot which is a screaming hot trend right now. And as an added bonus, they’re not expensive at all.

Another pair I need are the DKNY Active Women’s Bop which are fitting a couple other seasonal trends, the first being an all weather boot that features a rubber upper and a textured rubber toe and heel caps. The high heels are an added bonus as they add a little sex appeal and I find they can actually provide some traction in the snow. But mainly I love these boots because they’re unexpectedly sassy.

And just to prove I don’t just have boots on my list, the DSQUARED2 hits the list with its combination of hot shoe trends for 2010, the menswear oxford shoe, the staggeringly high stiletto and the cut outs and peep toe. It’s hard to believe one shoe can combine so many hot shoe trends together and still come up with an awesome looking shoe, but then again it does have a pretty hefty price tag.

Of course this isn’t my entire Christmas list but it’s a good start. Feel free to improvise and buy me any shoes you think I’d like.

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  2. progzilla on Tuesday 17, 2009

    Очень интересно… если бы еще и правда была))