Sarah Jessica Parker's Pink Handbag

Sarah Jessica Parker's Pink Handbag

I know I’m crazy for the shoes but I’ll admit I have been trying to curtail the ridiculous shoe budget. Okay, I shouldn’t say budget, I should say that all of the extra cash I have tends to go to shoes. So this year I’ve been holding back and trying not to buy any shoes, although if I can find a pair of Coach Jennie Boots in black and white for under $100 then I’m going to scoop them up and break the streak. But until then I’m holding out and although I’m looking and trying on I’m not breaking out that credit card.

Well, I’m not breaking out that card on shoes. I’ve found a new passion this year and I feel the need to share, my new addiction – Pink Handbags.  The minute I saw Sarah Jessica Parker carrying an oversized pink handbag I knew I needed one, and I needed one that looked as much like hers as possible. So this weekend I went out and found a similar pink purse on sale and ran to the check out, knocking down a few people along the way.

And then, in my depressing hunt for swimwear that somehow makes me look like I’ve lost weight instead of gained it I saw more pink purses. I saw a sea of pink purses and instead of being upset that this trend is going crazy and I’m not on the bleeding edge, I became obsessed with these pink purses. There are pink oversized bags like I bought, but then there are pink hobos, pink clutches, pink totes and every other kind of handbag you can imagine. And I want them all.

So this season (spring 2010) the pink handbag will be everywhere, on almost everyone and I’ll be sporting at least three of them, one at a time of course.

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