Eliza Dushku Ruffled Shoes

Eliza Dushku Ruffled Shoes

Just as we were settling into the winter trends of boots, booties and over the knee boots the fashion world hits us with some new shoe trends and again, some good, some bad.

Pointy Flats

This is the bad trend but I see that it could become pretty popular. The pointy flat strikes me as bad on two levels; number one, I don’t like flats and number two, I just don’t find pointy shoes flattering. But on a good note the points don’t seem to exaggerated (yet) so they’re actually sort of attractive and look a little more adult than the rounded ballet flat. But mark my words on this one, those points are going to get more pointy and longer and eventually they’ll all look like elf shoes.

Slouch and Fold Boots

The slouch and fold boot trend is obviously not new, just recycled. This trend is good for some, especially those who have wider calves and have troubles with the sleek fitting boots. With boots of all sorts and styles being so popular, I expect this trend to stick around for quite a while.

Ruffles and Flowers

The trend of shoes with ruffles and flowers is my favorite. I love girly shoes and the more ruffles, the more flowers the higher the heel the better. But I’ll be the first to admit this trend is probably going to be the shortest lived because it’s the most unusual and wildest one and those trends generally don’t catch on as well and last just a minute. If you’re going to go the ruffled and flowered shoe route just make sure you’re not still wearing them when the trend has died.

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