Reese Witherspoon Nude Shoes

Reese Witherspoon Nude Shoes

Well, 2010 is here and it’s time to throw out all of your old shoes and buy all new ones – I wish! But it is time to add a couple new stylish pairs to your wardrobe and start the year off right. This year’s shoe trends aren’t a real departure but are taking fashion in a distinctive direction.

Tough Shoes

The tough shoe trend began a while back with gladiator shoes and its continuing with more military inspiration and lots of tough looking metal embellishments.

Flowers and Ruffles

Speaking of embellishments, look for spring shoes with ruffles and bows in more neutral colors. Rather than screaming femininity with color, this trend will let the embellishments do the speaking.


All sorts of flats will be popular in 2010 but you’ll start seeing pointy flats almost everywhere this spring.

Nude Pump

The nude pump was beginning to gain ground before winter hit and it will probably become the must have shoe of the season for spring 2010. Nude pumps are nicely neutral but more than that, they extend the leg, or at least the illusion of it, making you seem taller and thinner and who doesn’t want that?

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