As Nicole Richie shopped this weekend, this mom-to-be looked very chic, wearing a red beret, black swingcoat, leggings and her Ugg Crochet boots. Now that she is pregnant, she looks a lot healthier with a little more weight on her than she did during her partying days.

Nicole and many other celebs are seen regularly wearing the Ugg Classic Crochet boots and the new Ugg Classic Cardy.

Ugg boots continue to be popular this season and they are very versatile in their style. The crochet boots that Nicole wears so often are available in both long and short styles. These flat boots feature a round toe and they are very comfortable.

I used to think Ugg boots were just ugg-ly, but recently changed my tune. They offer a variety of different dressy boots and even slippers.

Additionally, if you live somewhere with a lot of snow, Ugg offers a variety of cold weather boots. One of my favorites is the Ugg Rink Mud Pie. Though these boots are short, they are perfect for winter.


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