Ashley Tisdale Tough Boots

Ashley Tisdale Tough Boots

This season women’s boot trends are stepping out in fierce style with boots (and even shoes) that exude power, strength and edgy looks that are tough.

The tough boot trend for women crops up in a variety of ways this season from the obvious Western boot and motorcycle boot to a more subtle look with stud encrusted boots, boots with loads of buckles and lots of lace up looks.

Even the heels on shoes and boots this season seems to have gone a tougher route with the needle stiletto boots looking dangerous to wearer and anyone nearby and wide-based, low heels looking sturdy and solid. Even the very popular wedge boot has a look and feel of substance that makes it seem tough.

The key this season is to pick a pair of boots for the 2009/2010 season that are tough looking and trendy but still manage to carry off an air of femininity. You may be able to find a pair of boots that gracefully walks both lines quite well or you may have to rely on the rest of your outfit to add that little girly touch to your rugged and tough boots.

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