Paris and Nicky Hilton were spotted at Nicolas Bergguens party on Wednesday. Paris was wearing an interesting black and white dress while Nicky donned a black suit.

Paris and Nicky Hilton at Nicolas Bergguens Annual Party

Paris’ loose fitting dress features some round lace white applique detailing down the front and around the hem. I don’t mind it at the hem, but I’m not crazy about it on the front the dress. It’s not flattering at all.

What I do love is how Paris mixes the textures in her outfit. The white lace hemline falls nicely against her black striped hose. And of course, I just adore her black patent platform pumps.

Though Nicky’s ensemble is much more conservative, she still looks very chic. Her white and gold low-cut top adds a lot of glamour to an otherwise boring black suit.

I’ll give it to her that she knows how to accessorize – the bright blue clutch and sexy open-toe pumps are great additions to her outfit.

Overall they both look good, but am still not fond of the black nail polish that Paris (and tons of other celebs) are wearing these days.

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