Paris HiltonParis Hilton was spotted in West Hollywood on Monday in this very cute outfit. Though she looks a little windblown, the dress is adorable.

Separately, the pieces probably wouldn’t have looked that great. But, as she does more often than not, Paris puts them together very nicely.

The puffy sleeved white knit top goes well with the flirty plaid dress. (We certainly are seeing a lot of plaid right now). And she pulls it all together with dark hose and a ruby red shoe.

The shoes are actually sparkly red wedges. The color is reminiscent of the “Wizard of Oz.”

I really love that wedges continue to be in style. They can give you the height of a high heel without the pain. The wedge distributes your weight much better than a stiletto or other then heel. Therefore, it makes walking easier and leaves you with little pain at the end of the day.

Though wedges don’t look quite right with formal wear, you can get away with wearing them with just about everything else – from jeans to a mini-dress.

Paris Hilton Wedges

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