Paris Hilton Beach Shoes?
Paris Hilton Beach Shoes?

Well, it’s not the first time Paris Hilton looked ridiculous and I promise you it won’t be the last. Hilton and her latest beau, Doug Reinhardt, were spotted on Miami Beach recently and although Paris seemed to be beach ready in a bathing suit she looked ridiculous in a pair of pump heels.

The beach is just not the place to wear pumps, or heels at all. There are so many other fabulous shoe options out there, its hard to imagine she’d pick stiletto pumps for a day at the beach. Although Hilton’s own shoe line is woefully short on low heeled shoes, the Paris Hilton Goddess Sandal would have been a much more appropriate choice than the pumps she strapped on for a stroll down South Beach.

If Paris Hilton was willing to step outside of her personal brand of shoes, the UGG Australia Halendi Sandal would have been a perfect choice, it matches her bumble bee swimsuit, its looks very comfortable, and it’s an appropriate heel for the beach. In fact, this UGG shoe would be perfect to slip off and carry as you stroll down the beach.

On a side note, Doug Reinhart looks particularly beach ready in his Quicksilver board shorts which are perfect for a dip in the water or a walk on the sand. And speaking of perfect for a walk on the sand, Reinhart also is sporting a rather nondescript pair of white flip flops, much like these Ed Hardy Flip Flops, which are just perfect for the sand. Take note of how good Reinhart looks because it’s reported that the night before the couples’ beach stroll featured an altercation at a local club leaving Reinhart with a split lip. Hmmm?

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  1. Karen on Thursday 2, 2009

    Those board shorts would look great on my husband!

  2. F_W on Thursday 2, 2009

    Why, why, why would Paris Hilton wear pumps to the beach? I guess she was trying to look glam, but ended up just looking awkward!