Members of PETA staged a “nude” protest in front of M&M’s World Headquarters in Time Square today. They painted themselves from head to toe in the colors of M&M’s.

PETA Nude Protest

PETA’s beef (pun intended) with M&M’s is actually with Mars Candy Company, who owns the brand. According to PETA, Mars is funding animal testing and research in order to improve their products.

I have always thought that PETA was wacky. But lately, I’ve seen these “nude” protests by PETA members popping up all over the country.

News flash, girls – wearing panties and flip flops, plus covering your body in paint doesn’t mean you are nude. 

A few month’s back here in town, they had another “nude” protest. They even sent out press releases a week ahead of time to encourage the media and the public to come out and see their nudity … err, protest.

Of course, everyone flocked to the event, only to see them, all covered up.

And what’s with the flip flops anyway?! Every woman knows that if you are going to walk around in the nude (or very little clothes), you should be in strappy high heels!

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  1. Dianne Rochenski on Thursday 20, 2007

    I think PETA is doing great work. If the average person know what they do to these poor animals when they test on them they would be horrified. These poor creatures suffering in silence. Cheers to PETA . They do whatever it takes to make people aware of this.