Winter Boots

Winter Boots

Well, it’s not the most fun thing to talk about but every once in a while you have to throw away your vanity and fashion sense and wear some practical shoes. The temptation for me is to go the cheap route with my practical shoes which typically ends up not being a very practical shoe decision.

The lesson I’ve learned over the years and with much trial and error is that practical shoes should be high quality (which typically means expensive) shoes. After Mother Nature dumped more than a foot of snow on my state within 10 hours I was glad that I spent the extra money to buy quality winter footwear that kept my feet warm and dry as I spent most of the day shoveling out.

These cold weather boots have been in my closet for more than a decade and they only get pulled out a few times a year, when I have to shovel or when I want to go for a hike in the snow but they’ll keep your feet happy, warm, and dry for years and years.

Now, while I do recommend having at least one pair of practical shoes for cold or rainy weather I’m not suggesting my cold weather boots are all practical, I’ll admit I have a couple of really fashionable winter boots that look great but my feet are instantly cold if I wear them in the snow. So it’s all about choosing the right shoes for the occasion.

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