Vanessa Hudgens Fringed Boots

It’s hunting season around the country and although you’ll probably not be pulling on a pair of actual hunting boots you may find that today’s shoe and boot trends lean toward the outdoors and hunting trends than they have in the past.

It’s almost impossible to comprehend but the always functional Sorels have actually become sexy by adding a touch of fur to the boot tops. The Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic boots may be a bit irreverent but they’re a practical and somewhat sexy way to traipse through the winter snow.

For those who fancy the archery look a whole slew of flat soled high boots with decorative buckles and fringe have hit the market and with a tight pair of jeans and a blousy shirt, voila! you look like Robin Hood.

Fringed Moccasins may not provide a lot of protection from wet snow and slush but they instantly add a Native American appeal to our wardrobe and will have you quietly slipping up behind your prey everywhere you go.

For those interested in a more “civilized” hunt, Bandolino Women’s Castalina is the perfect riding boot and once you pull them on you feel ready to mount that steed and track down your own fox.

And to try a different twist on the hunting theme of the season, how about dressing like the prey and see who hunts you down.  The Ugg Women’s CI TI StripeCableKnit boot feels zebra inspired but are just about as ugly as Ugg gets. On the other end of the spectrum, the DKNY Active Women’s Bee booties are not only sexy but also practical as these water proof shoes will keep you warm and dry throughout hunting season.

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