I have never quite understood why some people insist on wearing summer dresses with boots. I see women on the street doing it all the time and here Rachel Bilson does the same.

Rachel Bilson

I don’t care if she’s just grocery shopping. And it doesn’t matter that she threw a sweater on top of it … it’s still a summer dress. A flowery, flouncy cotton summer dress doesn’t belong with dark tights and tall boots.

And what do you all think of her new haircut? I wear bangs myself, but are they good on Rachel? I’m not sure.

Photo credit: Celebutopia

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  1. anna on Monday 3, 2008

    hey, why do you say everything is wrong? ‘these boots doesn’t fit to this summer dress’. god! that’s her style, respect it! i want to know how does your clothes looks like! i’m sure, that something won’t enjoy me. i’ve got my style too. you can not like everything! by the way the summer dress and boots are stylish now. and if rachel bilson enjoy wearing like that, she will wear. i don’t think she thinks for few hours what to wear, that way everyone like it! that is annoying, what you’re doing. like a little girl. be serious… because it is really mean! and… who wants to listen your stupid words?? NO ONE.
    i hope you understood.
    good luck. (read above) ^^ 😉

  2. anna on Monday 3, 2008

    oh, and i think rachel is pretty with bangs.:cool::cool::cool: