I’m actually a Rose McGowan fan … but not in this outfit. I love that a lot of the celebs are mixing it up with dark hose and light pumps, but it just doesn’t work well for her.

Rose McGowan at Fashion Week

Starting off from the top, her lipstick isn’t very flattering. It clashing with her hair color and is too bright for the rest of her look. A browner lipstick or even a copper would have worked better for her.

Then there’s the dress. It could be cute, but it isn’t for Rose. And, the neckline belongs on a clown costume. I just love, love, love her leather pumps. The camel color is very nice. If she wanted to wearing them with a dark hose, she should have worn a chocolate brown hose instead of black.

Maybe I’m nitpicking. But I just think if you put yourself out there during Fashion Week, you should definitely be fashionable!

What do you think of Rose’s red hair? She’s one of those people that can wear a lot of different colors (though jet black isn’t the best with her pale skin). I think this shade of red looks nice on her.

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