Rachel Bilson Sandals

Rachel Bilson Sandals

Are you ready to buy your summer sandals? I know I’m definitely not as there is still at least a foot of snow outside my house and I’ve still got at least three months of snow coming my way. But I am ready to start searching for the latest sandal trend for the summer of 2010.

The one thing I’ve seen so far is the sky’s the limit. Much like the boot trends of this winter where everything goes it looks like this summer it will be all about the sandal no matter what the style.

Platforms and Wedges will still be a popular and trendy choice but going in the opposite direction, you’ll see more flats than ever before. And the strappy trend of last summer that was inspired by the gladiator sandal will still be kicking around. In fact, the gladiator (which seemed on the way out) may be picking up more steam this year and gladiator inspired clothing is working its way down the runways. But in response to this overly strappy trend, you’ll also be seeing sleek, pared down sandals with little in the way of embellishments.

Basically almost anything goes for summer sandals in 2010, which is great during a recession because the sandals you already have in your closet will probably get you through a new year with ease.

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