I think somewhere along the line, Sarah Jessica Parker began to lose her sense of style. She’s always been a quirky dresser, but she normally looked great — some even consider her a style icon. But lately, more often than not, she pulls out an outfit like this:

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker

Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker were among the celebrity arrivals at opening night of the Broadway show, “Mary Stuart.” SJP wore black leggings and a silky black tunic. Even though that part of the outfit is a little dumpy, she could have pulled it off with the right accessories. She got off to a good start with the pearl necklace, but something went wrong with the jacket.

I get it that the structured, big shouldered jackets of the 80s are making their way back into fashion but this doesn’t work well at all. And then there are the shoes. I adore the neon pink peep toe pumps, but with this outfit?

And no matter how bad Sarah Jessica Parker looks, she’s definitely outdone by her husband. The grey suit is simple enough, but a blue bow tie and brown dress shoes? There’s a point where you cross over from quirky to just plain weird. He looks like he’s in costume.

Photo by PR Photos

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