Amy Winehouse Neutral Heels

Amy Winehouse Neutral Heels

Why do women love shoes so much? Because they make us look and feel prettier. This is not just an emotional response but is proven, simply put a high heel makes a leg look longer and thinner. Learn some more shoe tricks to make you look longer, leaner, and sexier.

Pointy Toes
For women with wide feet the pointy toe extends the foot line and automatically narrows it. Likewise, if you have long narrow feet, stay away from the point toe, you’ll just look like you’re wearing two canoes.

Shoe Bootie
Shoe booties, not ankle booties are the shoe to wear if you have wide calves. The ankle boot cuts off part of your leg visually and your wider calves almost bloom out of them, but with a shoe bootie your ankle begins the narrowing process and your shoe bootie carries it to the end.

Neutral Heels
If you have fat ankles, aka cankles, then a neutral heel is a must. Match your heel to your skin tone and you visually extend the length of your leg and erase larger ankles. If you’re not a fan of skin toned shoes then opt for tights and match your shoe to the tight color, same effect in a different color.

And as a side note – the over the knee boot is supposed to be the rage this season but it can make you look shorter and chunkier, especially if you’ve got a little extra thigh going on. Unless you are the physical embodiment of the word willowy, these boots may not be the statement you want to make.

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