As 2009 hits the midpoint and heads into the fall and winter months fashion is gearing up for a new season. During the summer there were certain shoe styles that the fashionable crowd couldn’t do without, the platform shoe, the gladiator sandal, and the still ever present flip flop.

As fall approaches we’re seeing these trends continue with some modifications that make it more appropriate for the season. The Gladiator sandal has given way to the cut out boot with more coverage for the foot but still some bare spots exposed to the air. Some are subtle and not very reminiscent of the gladiator but some take obvious cues from the gladiator styles of the past.

The platform shoe will continue throughout the fall and winter months, just with a more substantial upper. Look for both boots and women’s pumps to carry on with the platform sole.

Oddly enough you’ll still see some women sporting the flip flop in the fall and winter months. I’m not sure when this trend will end but I wish it would at least adopt a Memorial Day to Labor Day season.

In addition the fall and winter months will see a lot of open toe boots in the magazines and on celebrity feet but probably not in day to day life as they’re impractical and a little weird looking.

The bootie hit the scene a couple years ago but didn’t gain the following it did the last time it came around but this season the bootie may finally hit its stride as it goes through a series of embellishments that make it more appealing and exciting. These embellishments include cut outs (including the toe), fringe, fur, buttons and buckles. If there is a must have shoe for the fall 2009 season it’s probably the bootie.

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