Tyra Banks

This winter is looking to be a bit drab compared to the spring and summer, in footwear trends that is. Where the summer and spring fashion trends had us tottering around on sculpted heels, laced up gladiators, sparkle, trim and appliquéd flowers the winter 2009/2010 season is much more somber and serious.

Look for less glitz and more in the way of tasteful classics. Women’s shoes tailored like menswear oxfords are back in vogue, some sporting no heels, some low and sensible and others towering stilettos.

Not always a women’s classic, but a staple shoe wear item nonetheless, motorcycle boots and cowboy boots are making a comeback and will probably have a bit of staying power as it’s one of the most accessible trends out there.

The over the knee boot is a total rage in Hollywood and all the shoe blogs are talking about them but this trend is probably not something the average woman is going to opt for and the price may scare them off of this shoe fad.

You’ll also find a lot of low rise with ankle boots and booties establishing a firm foothold in most women’s closets.

The best purchases in shoes for the winter 2009/2010 will be neutral colors, classic styles, with a comfortable fit. Basically economic crisis shoes that women are willing to spend more for because they’re planning on keeping them in their closets for a long time.

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