Celebrities in Clogs

Celebrities in Clogs

Let’s face it, it’s all about the shoes. What else really matters? Well, okay, it’s about the shoes and the budget. So today’s mission is to find the must have shoes for 2010 for under $50 a pair.

The first must have shoe is the mule or clog. This fashion trend is so huge right now it’s something that simply can’t be ignored. For a classic clog look for under $50 I like the Bass Women’s Patsy. Bass has always made classic, sturdy, reliable shoes so this one will last and its styling is traditional with a bit of a modern flair with metallic rivet accents and contrasting stitching.

Athletic shoes are also going to be a must have shoe, and unfortunately working out is going to slip into the must do arena once you see how short the shorts are going to be this summer. To make life easier there are shoes designed to work more muscles as you walk, even when running errands, so it’s like squeezing in an extra work out. The Skechers Women’s Tone-Up Ninjafield sandals just squeak in under the $50 mark but are perfect little flip flops that give you that little extra work out you won’t even notice.

Strappy sandals have been very trendy for a couple of years not and that’s going to continue but now you need to add a little WOW to your strappy sandals to make them more interesting, look for metallics, animal prints, embellishments and other eye catching details. I like the Unlisted Women’s Early Bird for a few reasons, this strappy sandal features a faux snake print that will get more attention, it’s a fairly neutral color making it not only versatile but slimming, AND it’s less than $50.

So if  you’re on a limited budget like I am these days, there’s still no excuse for not looking trendy and up to date, just buy wisely and keep shopping, there are great finds under $50.

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