Soleless Shoes

New York’s Fashion Week is in full swing and there are some great fashion trends that are catching our attention for all the right reasons. And as usual, there are some that are catching our attention for all the wrong ones, like the soleless shoes above.

Luckily with the recession in full swing the outrageous runway styles are going to stay runway styles and you’ll probably never see someone walking down the streets of Hollywood in soleless shoes. But you will see some of the more moderate designs and modified versions of them in your favorite stores.

Expect to see lighter colored shoes and light boots in the coming months. As black takes a backseat light and airy colors have dominated the runways. In response to the recession the lighter colors are a breath of freshness and light which helps lift spirits and elevates fashion above the dark financial woes. So don’t just expect light colors to rule the shoe trends but expect them in clothing trends as well.

In addition to light colors and as a continuation of the gladiator shoe trend and the studded and chain trend we’ve seen in shoes we’ll be seeing a lot more accessorizing of the shoe. Look for strappy shoes and strappy ankle boots, boots with cut outs laces and buckles, and bedazzled and bejeweled heels.

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