Rachel Bilson Sandals

Rachel Bilson Sandals

I see shoe trends for Spring of 2010 (and probably the summer too) heading in basically two different directions, less and more.

The less is you’ll see less material and more skin showing in sandals this season. Look for straps, lots or little, there almost have to be straps for your sandals to be trendy and sexy in spring 2010. The gladiator sandal that was the rage a few years ago is still hanging on and the strappiness of this shoe style is probably its saving grace. If you’ve got gladiators from last season wear them and be happy you got so much use out of them. If you don’t have gladiators you might as well keep resisting the trend and look for a strappy sandal in a different style.

On the more side of shoe trends for spring 2010 you’ll be seeing shoes with more going on than ever before. Embellished shoes with fringe, studs, rhinestones, and others doodads have been making their way to the forefront and earning fans along the way. But the other trend in more for shoes is more attention through prints. The odd thing about the printed shoe trend for spring 2010 is that it crosses all genders and age groups and almost all styles of shoes. From printed athletic shoes for children to printed dress shoes for women, expect to see more vibrant prints on shoes and not just the standard flower print.

Either way you slice it, less or more, the spring 2010 shoe trend is about grabbing attention through your shoes.

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