Skechers Shape Ups

Skechers Shape Ups

You can hardly watch a half hour sitcom these days or flip through a section of the newspaper without seeing some diet aid that is promising to help you shed pounds and inches without any extra work. And millions of people are jumping on this too good to be true bandwagon. So when the shoe industry started following a similar line we shouldn’t have been surprised, but this is actually not new technology, it’s been around for a long time AND it works, sort of.

Remember back when Dr. Scholl’s came out with his flip flop styled sandal and promoted it as a way to get fit and shape up your legs while you walked. Pretty quickly it became the summer sandal and everyone needed a pair. Today Dr. Scholl’s still makes its iconic shoe but it’s not the must have shoe it used to be, although the line had infused comfort technology into some other designs and created some attractive new shoes that deserve a second look.

Today is the Skechers Shape Up that claims to firm your leg while you walk and it’s doing just about as well as Dr. Scholl’s did except they’ve got more competition as other shoe brands hop on the rocker shoe technology.

Several of the brands that are taking the Skechers Shape Up rocker style sole are branching out into areas other than walking shoes. MBT’s anti-shoe does just that, bringing to the market sandals and Mary Janes that have an obvious rocker sole. This trend will no doubt continue but the rocker sole is too obvious to be really trendy, expect changes in the technology and appearance but shoes that promote muscular fitness are probably here to stay.

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  1. Cam on Saturday 13, 2010

    Stable or Unstable? Which is the right type of rocker sole shoe to wear ? There are currently over 40 brands of rocker sole shoes on the market. Some have negative heels (Earth). Others are ankle to ball-of-foot rockers (Ryn, MBT). Some have forefoot rockers (Alegria).

    To help make sense out of this exploding category, I have written an article and produced a short video comparing and contrasting some brands in the rocker-sole, fitness/toning category: