Jessica Alba Running

In the last year shoes that claim to give you a little extra work out while you walk have really caught the attention of consumers. The originators of this technology are MBT or Masai Barefoot Technology but it’s the ad campaigns by Skechers Shape-Ups that got the world interested and it will no doubt be the reasonable price point of Reebok’s EasyTone that will encourage people to buy.

But there are other ways to improve your foot and overall health just by making the right shoe choice. Today’s foot comfort and wellness technology has come leaps and bounds with new materials designed to support where necessary and provide cushioning and comfort in just the right spots.

There are also shoes designed to cater to your athletic activities, specific shoes for specific sports whether you’re an active participant or just a sports fan.

The technological advances in athletic shoes and casual shoes are remarkable and will make you want to buy a shoe for every activity, I’m just waiting for them to transfer this technology into fashion shoes.

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