I was looking over the new shoes on the market for men and saw some shoes that instantly made me think, “are you serious?”. These are shoes that I’m sure some men wear and possibly they wear with much success but I don’t want to be seen dating anyone with these shoes.

Logo Shoes 

The big Nike swoosh is one thing but having the name LUGZ printed in huge letters on the side of your Lugz Men’s Strutt STP boots is way too over the top for me. I mean really, they’re just Lugz, it’s not like they’re Crockett & Jones or Gucci. So keep your minor league ego in check boys and opt for the less ostentatious shoe.

Too Youthful

Yep, there are just some shoes that men of a certain age shouldn’t wear. And I don’t mean only men over 40, I mean men over 30. Plaid tennis shoes just not going to cut it with me no matter what brand the shoes are. Oh and even worse than the too youthful shoes, taking it a step further and pairing it with some matchy matchy outfit that screams MID LIFE CRISIS!


I’ll admit back in the 80’s there was this teacher who wore clogs and I had a huge crush on him. But I really don’t think it was the clogs because if I spotted a guy in clogs today I’d run away (and I’d out run him too because he’s wearing flipping clogs!). What I find particularly funny are the Dansko Men’s Professional Cabrio. So are these professional clogs? Because there’s a full back it’s suddenly professional?

A guy once told me in high school that you can tell a lot about a girl by the shoes she wears. I had never thought about that until that point but since then the shoes I wear are important to me, and they should be to any guy I date too.

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