Diane Kruger Diane Kruger stomped down the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival in a Christopher Kane black dress and Yves St. Laurent shoes. There were a couple problems with her look, although it’s actually sort of cute and could be more attractive with a few fixes.

The first problem for Diane Kruger is the underarm area of her dress, it’s too tight. She’s got a little underarm cleavage going on because this beautiful black dress with its sheer panels and incredible skirt pleating. Just a little alteration to make the underarm area a touch wider would have eliminated this problem and the top of her look would have been incredible.

The biggest problem with her look is the shoes. Nothing against YSL but those shoes are serious clunkers. These shoes actually look like a female version of Eddie Munster boots and are way too clunky and heavy for the light and airy nature of the dress hemline. A much better choice would have been a peep toe pump with a floral embellishment or a very strappy open sandal.

Considering this was the premiere of Diane Kruger’s new film, Mr. Nobody, she should have taken a little more time with the outfit and done a head to toe once over.

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