Dr. Scholls

Dr. Scholls

I remember back when I was a kid Dr. Scholl’s had a pair of flip flops that they touted as a shoe that will help shape your legs. In fact, they still claim that the raised toe crest and the resulting gripping action will help get you in shape.

So maybe Dr. Scholl’s is to blame for the new trend in shoes, but we have to give a lot of the credit to Skechers and their Shape Ups. This weird looking shoe claims to retrain your muscles to not only firm your legs but also your abs and butt. Since Skechers created such a stir MBT, Masai Barefoot Technology, has gained a little notice as well but their claims are a little more reasonable, stating they create balancing movements that relieve pressure on joints. Reebok is the latest to join this fit shoe craze with their Easy Tone shoes and the balance pods to promote balance and optimal muscle use.

So these shoes have been around a while and will probably hit the mainstream hard as soon as spring comes, but the latest trends in shoe fitness are not the standard tennis shoe or athletic shoe. These companies have seen the future and they believe it’s going to revolve around shoes that help you get fit. Skechers has expanded their Shape Up line to include sandals, boots and flip flops. Reebok hasn’t gone as far as Skechers but they are planning on hitting the flip flop market pretty hard with their Easy Tone line.

Look for other brands to hop on this bandwagon and for a whole slew of shoes with funny soles and great claims of improved fitness.

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  2. Mandi on Thursday 21, 2010

    I have of the Skechers Shape-Ups, and I love them! I’ve had them for about 4 weeks, and EVERYONE can see a change in my calves, thighs and butt! They are super comfortable too. I’m posting a week-by-week review on my blog.

  3. Ima Scamur on Thursday 21, 2010

    I've had Sketcher Shape-Ups for 4 days and suddenly every hot guy notices my incredible butt and long legs. And after just 4 days, my calves and thighs are rock hard. Even my abs tightened up after 4 days. Oh, and the little smile lines forming on my face disappeared. CHECK MY BLOG, AND YOU TOO WILL LOOK HOTTER AND YOUNGER. Wheeee.